Coffee & Coaching Episode 28: Running Q&A

Episode 28

Title: Running Q&A

Episode Length: 20mins

(Can watch the episode or read the blog below)

About the Episode: 

In this weeks episode of Coffee & Coaching, Coach Liv answers 5 running related questions from our members, ranging from where to purchase running shoes to strategies to prevent injuries.

Watch the Replay 

Question 1:

“I am a beginner to running doing about 10-14km mx…. How can I improve my pace?” 

- Incorporate interval sessions and hills sessions into your weekly training routine

- These will increase your speed faster than just continually going out for longer more steady paced runs

- These will also keep variety in you're training so you're not bored and stay motivated over time... which will help you train consistently


Question 2: 

“Where to go to get a shoe fit for new runners?”

- Active Feet and Athletes Foot are good options

- Buy from somewhere were they analyse your running style and recommend based off that

- Consider investing in a specialised running assessment if you're particularly prone to injury or you know you need to work on your running style

Question 3: 

“My legs always feel so heavy when I’m trying to run in a triathlon, how do I improve?”

- Practice makes perfect! So practicing running after cycling in training is the best way to get used to doing it on race day

- Incorporate Brick (Bike/Run) sessions into your weekly training program in the lead up to race day

- Aim for high cadence in the first few hundred meters off the bike, helps to flush your legs out and get them ticking over quickly

Question 4:

“I feel like I am getting niggles or injuries all the time, I love running but want to know how to do it and not get injured”

- If you are not already doing Bike & Swim sessions, consider incorporating them into your routine. They will help to maintain and build your cardio & aerobic fitness, while reducing the impact on your legs and therefore reducing the risk of injury

- Pay attention the the 1 percenters too - getting enough rest, following a program, consulting with a sports doctor, warming up and cooling down, pre-run activation exercises, maintaining a healthy balanced diet.... all these things contribute to your risk of injury!

Question 5:

“Can you please explain what good running technique is?”

- Reduce excessive arm movement - aim to ensure your arms are moving forward and back, not crossing your body's midline.

- Relaxed posture, looking forward with an open chest

- Foot striking the ground beneath your hip with your midfoot 

- To work on your run technique, ask a friend or coach to film you running, so you can have an objective view on your form

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