Coffee & Coaching - Episode 1: What to do if you miss a training session

Episode 1

Title: What to do if you miss a training session

Date: 4th February

Episode Length: 9 min

About the Episode: 

Sometimes life gets in the way and we just can't complete all our sessions written in our program. Instead of beating yourself up about it, Coach Liv explains why it's ok to miss a session when shit hits the fan. We also give you some tips on where to find wetsuits.

Summary Tips if you don't have time to listen to the full episode 

1. While it's great to be able to tick off each session on your program, if you can get through 80% of your sessions each week, that's fantastic! Coaches understand you are not a pro triathlete and have other priorities at times like work, kids, partners. In our programs we right "Optional" sessions, so we let's our athletes know if they need to skip a session this is the one to skip. 

2. If you're having one of those crazy weeks where shit is just hitting the fan and nothing's working for you, if you can just try and get through one swim, one bike and one run session each week, then that's great. Make do with what you can. 

3. I know it can be really hard when you do miss a session and you can feel guilty and it can be really tempting to try and cram things in, and maybe start doing two sessions on one day or trying to put a whole week's worth of sessions into a two day period. This is definitely not a good idea. While it can seem efficient at the time, if you do not allow enough recovery between sessions, it's the fastest way to get an injury which is not what you want. It's much better to just move on, and focus on the next session. 

4. Finally look for ways to save time and train. Can you run or bike commute to work to fit that extra session in? Can the session be done at home on the wind trainer, rather than driving out to meet the squad or ride in the hills? Something is better than nothing, so see if there are ways to adapt your sessions. 


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