Coffee & Coaching Episode 19: Why You Should Incorporate Pilates in your Triathlon Program

Episode 19

Title: Why You Should Incorporate Pilates in your Triathlon Program

Episode Length: 19 min (Can watch the episode or read the blog below)

About the Episode: 

Pilates can make a huge difference to your swimming, cycling and running ability. If  you haven't considered giving pilates a go, or including it in your weekly training routine this episode will hopefully convince you otherwise! In this episode we will share WHY pilates can be so important, as well as HOW to go about including it.

Watch the Replay 

Or if you don't have time to watch the replay, you can read our summary of what's covered below! 

WHY You need to include Pilates...

  • Pilates develops the strength to actually allow you to complete movements properly, so you end up being much more efficient - going faster with less effort, and pulling up much better afterwards too.
  • It has proven to be a very powerful “cross training” tool for it’s benefits in improving flexibility, strength and body awareness.
  • Common injuries to triathletes include back pain caused by a weak core, tight hip flexors and other over use injures... all of these can be helped by pilates! 
  • If you are new to pilates you may find that you walk away from a session not necessarily feeling a tremendous amount of muscle fatigue or soreness that you typically associate with training…. But you will probably be surprised at how in-balanced your muscles are
  • Pilates workouts are designed to make you physically balanced while building strength in the muscle groups specific to endurance sports.

HOW to include Pilates

  • Our Recommended Pilates provider is Pilates for Sports.
  • They provide customised pilates programs via their app, so are available wherever you are in the world.
  • Pilates for Sports is founded by Noeleen O’Shea who has had a pilates studio for over 12 years now having worked predominantly with athletes - many of them triathletes.
  • They have just recently launched their new app which is where you can access and easily view their programs.
  • PFS will customise a 10 week training plan to suit your specific needs. They will then review your progress at the end of the 10 weeks 
  • All of the sessions require very minimal equipment and are accompanied with really easy to follow videos that talk you through every step of the process and ensure you’re completing each exercise correctly.

If you're interested in giving Pilates For Sports a go, get started on a 14 Day Free Trial Here

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