Coffee & Coaching Episode 27: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Episode 27

Title: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Episode Length: 20mins

(Can watch the episode or read the blog below)

About the Episode: 

Have you ever been on the start line of a race or in the middle of a group ride and thought “I shouldn’t be here, I’m not good enough, these people are better than me”? Do you ever feel as though you don’t deserve to be successful or perform well? If the answer is YES, you have probably experienced Imposter Syndrome. In this episode of Coffee & Coaching, Coach Liv explains what Imposter Syndrome is and shares some tips to overcome it. 

Watch the Replay 

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is an internal belief that you are inadequate, incompetent or under qualified. You fear you’ll be ‘found out’ and exposed as a fraud. Sometimes you feel like your abilities have been over estimated by others and you will be ‘found out’ as being not that good an athlete

- It can prevent people from attributing their success to themselves, and cause them to attribute it to things like luck, circumstance, or other’s misfortune. Imposter syndrome can sabotage your long term growth and happiness.

How can we overcome Imposter Syndrome? 

- Reduce opportunity for comparison by training without data or deleting Strava

- Take control of your self-talk by using positive phrases or mantras

- Own your success

- Don't compare your internal feelings to someone else's external appearance

- Talk to others - you'll probably find a lot of people feel the same as you now, or felt the same way as you at some point along their journey too

- Stick at it!   

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