Coffee & Coaching Episode 4: Keeping a Routine during Isolation

Episode: 4

Title: Keeping a Routine during Isolation

Date: 1st April

Episode Length: 8 mins

About the Episode:

This weeks episode covers our three top tips to maintaining your training while we're all self-isolating! We are also excited to share with you our Top 20 Indoor Cycling Sessions to complete when training by yourself during lock down. 

Summary Tips if you don't have time to listen to the full episode.

1. Stay connected with a community while training. For now, the easiest way for you to keep in touch with everyone is through virtual communication. We recommend Facetime, Zoom or Houseparty. 

2. Try and maintain a routine. Set your alarm and train at the times you used to. It would be nice to sleep in and wake up without an alarm, but try and be as consistent as you can with your routine. 

3. Maintain a healthy diet. Super important to maintain a healthy diet for a strong immune system to help your recovery from training and fight off any nasty bugs. 

To help keep you motivated when cycling Indoors we have put together our Top 20 Cycling Sessions for $37.

This includes: 

  • 20 x Indoor Cycling Sessions to improve your strength and endurance on the bike. 
  • 10 x Instructional training videos on how to improve your technique and position on the bike and 
  • BONUS access to our Foam Rolling Guide. 
  • BONUS 5 x Long Ride Sessions
  • Lifetime access to sessions

To get access to our TOP 20 Indoor Cycling Sessions CLICK HERE

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