Coffee & Coaching Episode 5: How to stay motivated during Isolation

Episode 5

Title: How to stay motivated during Isolation

Date: 8th April

Episode Length: 13 min

Summary Tips if you don't have time to listen to the full episode:

1. Remember how good training makes you feel. If this is how you're feeling, we recommend starting small, so don't put pressure on yourself to take off massive training sessions. start small and build from there.

2. Do not set any unrealistic goals. Try to focus on what you can do each day. And we would recommend only planning a maximum of 30 days in advance. Focus on your weaknesses and improve them.

3. Find an online community. If you are struggling with motivation, it's definitely nice to have people who are expecting to see you, even if that is virtual. if you don't have a group, then you're always welcome to send us a message and get involved with projects.

4. Focus on what motivates you, don't pressure on yourself during this period of time.

5. Maintain your health and well being. It includes not only exercising, but also having enough rest, not being overly stressed and anxious.

6. Mix things up a bit. Since all the pools are closed, now is a great time to mix up your routine. Get more flexible or work on your core strength. We also recommend  Pilates For Sports , you'll do exercises that help you work on your swing catch and your stroke, your pedal stroke and your running technique as well. I've included a link for them in the description of this video as well.

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