Coffee & Coaching - Episode 7: Products to keep you training through winter

Episode 7

Title: Our Top 13 Products to keep you training through winter

Episode Description: 

Training through winter can be hard... the thought of getting sessions done in the cold can definitely be a big de-motivator in the cooler months. In this episode we share our Top 13 products to keep you training through winter.

Before we begin, last week we discussed 12 tips for Returning to Running. It’s been great to see so many of you sign up to get started with our 8 Week Return to Running Program. If you’d like to sign up while the price is still $47 rather than $67, you can access it here:

This week we’re going to acknowledge that a lot of us are living in places at the moment that are heading into the cooler months…Which definitely makes training challenging!

We have had a couple of people ask about equipment on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Groups, so I’m going to share with you some of our go-to items for training throughout winter. Some of these things you may not have thought about or heard of before… others you might be like duh…But hopefully, it’s somewhat useful! 

As always if you don't have time to watch the replay, you can check out the episode notes below. 

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1. Windtrainer/Smart Trainer

We have chatted about indoor trainers before so I’ll just briefly touch on them today for anyone who is new to our Coffee & Coaching videos. For those who are unsure, a wind trainer allows you to ride your bike stationary and indoors. This is a huge win, particularly when weather conditions are threatening to call off your session. There are a huge variety of trainers out there, with options available for all budgets. Down the higher end of the market, you’ll find smart trainers which connect with programs like Zwift. Zwift is best explained as a video game for cyclists – that connects to your trainer and allows you to ride in a virtual world with other riders. The program adjusts the resistance on the trainer to simulate hills which can give the ride an extremely realistic feel. Some common brands of smart trainers are Wahoo and Tacx. 

Down the other end, for those looking for more of an entry-level trainer or to spend less money, you have a basic trainer. I have one of these - a common brand is JetBlack. These don’t change the resistance as you ride, however you can use your gears to make efforts harder or easier.

Triathlon Marketplace is a Facebook group that is a great place to find second-hand trainers.

For anyone who currently owns a trainer and is looking to make their sessions a little bit more interesting, our Indoor Cycling program is still available for $37.

2. Arm Warmers

Arm warmers are a great addition to your cycling kit particularly as winter is rolling in or out for the year. These are sleeves that can be easily pulled up, down or taken off during your ride. Perfect for when you’ve got a chilly start but know you’ll quickly warm up. If you need some arm warmers we have some on sale for $29 (Usually $49). You can check them out by clicking here

3. Thermals

These are definitely a must-have for winter training, particularly cycling. There is no point being freezing and uncomfortable throughout your entire session, wearing thermal base layers will keep you warm and able to work to the best of your ability. Think long sleeve thermal tops, and you can also find full-length knicks… some will even feature a fleece lining! There are a lot of different options out there so shop around and find what works for you. Merino wool in particular is a great base layer to keep you warm.

4. Vests 

Having a vest to add as the final layer of your cycling kit helps keep you warm around your core. They’re lightweight and easy to remove as you warm up throughout your ride and fit easily in your jersey pocket. When purchasing one, try to find a vest that’s brightly coloured or features some reflective elements, just as an added safety feature to make you easier to spot on the darker winter mornings. 

5. VeloToze shoe covers 

When I think of training through winter, the first thing that pops into my head is freezing feet! Riding for multiple hours with numb toes is incredibly uncomfortable, not to mention it makes running off the bike close to impossible! Invest in a pair of Velo Toze shoe covers, these go over your cleats and will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. Check them out here 


Gloves will become your best friend and you can use them for running and cycling sessions – a HUGE must-have for cycling sessions. Without them, you can struggle to move your hands quick enough to effectively use your breaks. So this is one item you absolutely cannot go without. Consider purchasing a thin/liner pair of gloves that you can double up with a thicker pair when required. Getting a pair that are water-resistant is also a big win for long rides. You’ll find different options online or in your local bike store, we recommend trying them on first to make sure you get the right size for you!

Can be fantastic for running too! I can do an entire run session by my hands will be freezing the entire time and not warm-up. It can get pretty uncomfortable. If you’re like me then consider taking a pair of gloves on your run. You may only need a light pair. 

7. Headband 

Similar to needing gloves for your hands, your ears are another body part that can really feel the chill when training through winter! It can get pretty uncomfortable, particularly if there’s wind around as well. 

A headband that covers your ears is a great running accessory that can be used for cycling and running… you can even get them with a hole in the back for your ponytail which is fantastic. These are a little bit more practical than a beanie as it isn’t as heavy and can sit under a helmet as well. 

8. Head Torch

If you’re running in the morning or evening when the sun’s not up, using a headtorch could be the difference between ending the session with a rolled ankle or new 5km PB! This is an easy piece of equipment to get your hands on that will help make sure you don’t hit any potholes or make a misstep. Even for a 5 minute run off the bike during a brick session, they’re worth using!

9. Reflectives / bright colours 

In addition to a head torch, having lights or reflective gear on you while running and riding is a big safety tick. The mornings stay darker for longer and the evenings become darker earlier so to stay safe, make it easy for people to spot you when you’re exercising. Think of other runners and cyclists. This is particularly important in the current climate when we’re not wanting unnecessary contact with people - running into someone because you can’t see them would be incredibly frustrating and potentially dangerous. We don’t want any unnecessary trips to the hospital

Glimmer Gear is a great Aussie website that sells a big range of reflective and light-up clothing and equipment so check them out. 

10. Some general tips for running wear 

Think layers! Even if it’s freezing you’ll definitely warm up as the session goes so being able to remove layers gradually is a win. Look for a breathable material that will let you sweat as well 

In terms of brands - we all have our favourite activewear brands and it depends on your budget as to where you’ll head to shop. Wiggle is a great online site that stocks a lot of winter gear for both cycling and running. I recommend having a look on there, for some bargains as well. 

11. Hot Hands - finger and toe warmers 

You can get these at Chemist Warehouse for less than $2 and they’re fantastic. Hot Hands is the brand name but you can purchase them for your hands or your feet. They are meant to last for approx 8 hours and can be put inside gloves or shoes to keep your hands and feet warm. I haven’t actually used the feet ones, and they may be a little uncomfortable for running, but they would be a great option for after the session is completed when you’re trying to warm up!

12. Post-training warm comforts!

We’re talking a pair of ugg boots and a hot drink waiting for you in the car. Knowing you’ve got these two things waiting for you after your session definitely makes the whole “getting out of a warm bed” thing a whole lot easier! 

As I mentioned places like Wiggle, or the Facebook Group Triathlon Marketplace are good online options for getting some good deals on equipment/products, alongside any of your favourite brands you may already have. 

Hopefully, with the help of some of the tips in this video, you’ll have your gear sorted and be ready to run! As I mentioned earlier our Return to Running Program is still reduced to $47 down from $67, so it’s ready and waiting for you if you would like it! 

That’s it from me! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week! Stay safe and I will see you next Wednesday at 10am! 


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