Coffee & Coaching Episode 26: Why You Should Move From Sneakers To Cleats

Episode 26

Title: How Why You Should Move From Sneakers To Cleats

Episode Length: 18 mins

(Can watch the episode or read the blog below)

About the Episode: 

Most beginners start out just wearing sneakers on the bike. And if that’s you, you’re definitely not alone! In this episode of Coffee & Coaching, Coach Liv explains the benefits of using cleats on the bike and provides all the info to help you make a seamless transition.

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Why should you move from sneakers to cleats?

- Cleats give you the ability to push and pull your pedal stroke which makes you a more efficient and powerful cyclist.

- With less movement between your foot and the pedal, there is less power wastage which ultimately results in increased speed

- They are particularly useful when you’re riding up hills

What do you need to buy?

- Triathlon / Cycling shoes: these have holes in the bottom specifically designed for screwing cleats into, which you buy separately.

- Cleats: A cleat is this small piece of plastic material, usually triangular in shape that you screw into the sole of the cycling shoe. This cleat is the part that connects with the pedal and allows you to clip in and out. If you buy these from a bike store, they will be able to help you put the cleats onto your shoes.

- Pedals: pedals have a tension adjustment and will affect your clip in and clip out. The tighter the tension, the harder it is to clip in and out. If you’re a beginner using cleats for the first time or getting used to them, I would recommend starting will less tension

Clipping Out

Unclipping (removing your shoe from the pedal) involves twisting your ankle outwards with a decent amount of force.

- Your ankle moves outwards so that your toes point in towards your bike.

-  It is typically your dominant foot that you will unclip and then put down on the ground as you come to a stop. Your other foot can stay in. 


Clipping In

- Make sure you have flicked the pedal over with your foot to the correct side.

- Stick the front of your cleat into the front of the clip on the pedal and then push down to secure the back of the cleat. In order to do this action you need to make sure you push off with your other leg from the stopped position with enough force that you have enough time to master the ‘clip in’.

- To start with, you may need to glance down at your pedal to ensure you get the ‘clip in’ right, but over time and with practice you will be able to do this by feel and without looking

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