Why you should embrace cycling indoors

Well in the blink of an eye the world has changed. I don't know about you, but being in lockdown (or as I like to call it - a retreat) certainly has made me more grateful for the little things. It's only been a few weeks and I can't wait until we can ride the open roads with friends again, and enjoy the post-ride coffee (which let's be honest, can sometimes be longer than the ride itself).  

But I must admit I have always loved cycling indoors and wanted to share some reasons why I prefer it:

Reason #1

Your bike is set up on the trainer ready to go at a moments notice. This is a huge win for me, as I don't have to find my stuff and pack/unpack my car each time I want to head out for a ride on a road with low traffic. It's also a constant reminder if I haven't done my exercise for the day. I can sense it judging me if I haven't peeled my ass off the computer or couch. 

Reason #2

It's so much safer, and you don't have to worry about inconsiderate dickheads on the road. **SAFETY is provided you setup your wind trainer correctly. One time I may have nearly crashed into my TV after failing to lock it in place. 

Reason #3

You can catch up on your favourite series on Netflix to keep you entertained and keep fit at the same time. How lucky are we!

Reason #4

You can still train/race your friends. Programs like Zwift make indoor training so much fun, especially if you are even a little competitive like me. The amount of times I have told myself I am just going to have an "easy ride". Twenty minutes later I am trying to keep up with Jan from Sweden on a QOM. Also who knew unlocking new kits was so much fun. 

Reason #5

No traffic lights... Honestly, sometimes this is a CON because let's be honest you get a moment to rest, but it sure makes the overall quality of the session so much better with limited interruptions and less junk miles. 

Reason #6

It just saves so much time! Yes I know we are in a retreat at the moment and for some, may have too much time. But I love being able to hop off my bike, have a hot shower and start my next activity without worrying about travelling to and from training. 

So have I convinced you that riding indoors isn't that bad? I hope so! To help keep you motivated when cycling Indoors we have put together our Top 20 Cycling Sessions for $37 (Usually $47).

This includes: 

  • 20 x Indoor Cycling Sessions to improve your strength and endurance on the bike. 
  • 10 x Instructional training videos on how to improve your technique and position on the bike and 
  • BONUS access to our Foam Rolling Guide. 
  • BONUS 5 x Long Ride Sessions
  • Lifetime access to sessions


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